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  1. Manufacturing and Installing Solar Systems Hardware and Accessories.
  2. Manufacturing and Installing Solar Heaters for different applications.
  3. Swimming pools heating (solar, gas, diesel).
  4. Manufacturing Electric Water Heaters.                                                        
  5. Manufacturing & Installing Central Heating Equipments & Hot Water Storage Tanks.
  6. Manufacturing Compressed Air Storage Tanks for Air Compressors.
  7. Manufacturing and Installing Water & Fuel Tanks.
  8. Manufacturing and Installing Steam Boilers.
  9. Manufacturing Steam Boiler Accessories.
  10. Manufacturing Heat exchangers.
  11. Maintenance, testing, and supervising projects installations.
  12. Providing Technical Consultation and Financial Feasibility Studies for Solar (Thermal and Power) systems and its applications.
  13. Energy Audits and Training courses, the fields of energy saving and efficiency.
  14. Smart Building services and applications.
  15. Design, supply and installation of solar power projects (PV).