Energy Efficiency & Management

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At NUR, we offer comprehensive energy management solutions tailored to the unique needs of different client categories: industrial, residential, health care, hotels and recreation centers, and commercial buildings.

Our qualified and certified energy management team is equipped with the latest measurement equipment and devices to conduct professional and detailed energy audits with the core objective of identifying feasible options for upgrading energy efficiency in audited facilities and reducing energy costs.

This would include the following:

1. Identifying the types, sources, and costs of consumed energy.
2. Understanding how energy is being used – and possibly wasted.Assessing current energy management practices status.
3. Identifying and analyzing potential energy conservation opportunities.
4. Performing comparative economic analysis on available energy conservation alternatives and determining the most cost-effective options.

Following the energy auditing process, our team administers the implementation process of the energy conservation recommendations: redesigning processes and systems, supplying and installing energy-saving equipment, and designing energy management and awareness programs.