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more than 40 years

Building on an Experience of more than 40 Years in Renewable Energy applications and energy systems, NUR Solar Systems is an efficient, thriving, and dynamic firm that helps facilities, corporations, and homes make intelligent energy and resource use a central part of how they live and work.

We stay focused on meeting the needs of our clients, and our team of experts is entirely dedicated to achieving our mission. We have unequaled expertise in building sciences, management, public policy, design, energy efficiency programs for residential, industrial, and commercial applications, renewable energy systems and technologies, and much more.  

covering mena region

NUR expanded its activities to offer solar products to neighboring countries inMENA, like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Tunisia,Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen.

family structured company

NUR is a predominantly construction company providing project management, engineering, procurement, and construction services to the RE industry.

Our Employees are loyal to the company, and many have dedicated their careers to us.

A central concept behind our family-structured company is having a personal relationship with the work and the clients.

At NUR, being a leader goes beyond our commitment to offering innovative and quality excellence. Our core family values define the principles of our regional operations and are transmitted.

quality does matters

NUR is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with the highest commitmentto Quality.

NUR is a SHAMCI-certified company.SHAMCI is a Solar Key Mark for the MENA Region.

Quality polucy

NUR is committed to serving its clients and meeting their needs and expectations in designing, manufacturing, and supplying reliable and innovative technologies and products for Renewable Energy Solutions using modern management and engineering practices.

NUR is committed to improving its products and services to achieve increased customer satisfaction and to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and its continuing progress.

NUR is committed to the above while aiming to achieve profits.


To be a leader in promoting and realizing a clean, sustainable, and efficient way of life.


To design, develop, and deliver innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that get results: lowering energy use, decreasing carbon foot prints, and cutting costs while improving the comfort and health of people and returning profits to our company.

core values


Each employee accepts responsibility to build trustful and respectful relationships with associates and clients based on honesty and accountability.


We bring our experience, expertise, creativity, and commitment to achieve our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations through self-set standards of professional service.


We build and sustain genuine partnerships with our clients, associates, and colleagues to open the door for expanded opportunities for better services and continuous development.


We are committed to protecting the environment and helping build a sustainable and socially responsible economy.

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