Biogas Plant

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Design, build and operate a Biogas Pilot unit at Zaatari Refugee Camp in Mafraq, Jordan.

The biogas pilot unit uses co digestion, which is a new innovative technology in Jordan, were the organic waste from the solid waste separation plant is added to the sewage sludge that is received from the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

In addition, the components of the pilot unit is design to be moved from one location to another if required. Involving the governmental agency in this pilot is a way to build their capacity in the field of biogas, and building their capacity is very important in this period, as the specialized engineers and technicians to run and maintain biogas plants are very rare to find.

For the sustainability of the project and to be able to replicate in the country, it is important to build the capacity of the government engineers and technicians, as they will be the main asset for the government to maintain and spread this technology.

The pilot plant includes a SWH system to convert sunlight into heat. 30 solar radiation collector plates heat the 2 400 cubic metresof water in the cylindrical water storage tank. This is needed to raise the temperature of the digester in the biogas plant.

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